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What are the factors that a parent needs to look out for when choosing a good CBSE school for their

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


No parent likes to compromise on their child’s bright future. Choosing a good CBSE school would be a tuff task as the parent has to keep a few parameters in mind. The following factors could be of help for choosing an appropriate CBSE school.

School’s reputation

The history of the school, it’s alumni and legacy would be a major factor. A school with a bad reputation would surely fetch the student nothing. The excellence of the school is what we should look for. A good reputation would be a good indication of a child’s bright future.

Qualitative research

One of the major factors while searching for a good CBSE school is a thorough research. Faking is appearing quite genuine these days .a thorough research about the school is mandatory. We have to do a quality check to determine that the school sticks to NCERT prescribed rules. Many schools pretend to be affiliated to the CBSE curriculum but they don’t follow the CBSE guidelines.

Assessments check

The CBSE year is divided into 2 semesters with formative assessments and summative assessments. A parent has to make sure that the assessments are conducted smoothly without any problem. This could be done by visiting the school premises and enquiring the students and also through internet.

Efficient faculty

The teachers are the main factors for shaping a child’s future. The teachers should have a good approach towards students and they should be well-versed with the subject. Faculty that lacks knowledge about the subject is a major drawback. The faculty check can be done by taking a feedback from the existing students.

Extracurricular activities and overall development

Apart from studies, a student’s mental and physical health also should be taken care of by the school. Various activities at school like extracurricular activities could help in the mental and physical well-being of the student. Also this could help in building concentration, confidence and bring out the hidden talent of the child which would be very beneficial for the child’s future


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