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Significance of Art and Craft

Arts and crafts define an extensive variety of activities including the creation of things on their own. Both children and adults relish arts and crafts forms of any kind. Children in schools may learn skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things with all sorts of material. Art and craft mark their significance prominently in the development of a child. It certainly aids in the appreciation of visual aesthetics and functions as building blocks for the development of children.

As the number of art and craft activities involve movements of fingers and hands, they assist in developing the fine motor skills of the child at a very tender age. Humble actions like holding a paintbrush and colouring with pencils aids strengthen muscles and advance their control on their fingers and hand. Arts and crafts activities can enhance the children's dexterity and agility.

What is the main objective of art and craft?

The objectives of art and craft education are to promote students to use artistic and aesthetic sensibility in day-to-day life situations; enable learners to accomplish stable growth as social beings in harmony with our culture and environment through various art and craft projects.

Following are the important areas of child development by practicing art and crafts:

· Motor skills

Children use their fingers to operate art materials they are developing their fine motors skills as they use those small muscles in their hands. Their bilateral coordination skills advance as they learn to use both hands at the same time. All this happens when they paint, colour, glue, cut and paste. The faster their fine motors skills develop the more task they can do on their own, from eating by themselves to tying their shoelaces.

· Literacy

Early child literacy skills is a wide range of topics with it comes to their development. Areas – from speaking and reading to listening and thinking. When kids make art or craft they get an opportunity to talk about their task which progresses their communication skills. “Why did you choose that picture?” “Tell me about which colour did u choose?” They learn novel vocabulary by following verbal instructions. This enhances their listening skills.

· Creativity

Art permits kids to advance their creativity which is vital throughout their lives. It nurtures mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying innovative ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creativity is not to be jumbled with talent, skill, or intelligence. Creativity is not about doing something better than others, it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.

· Valuable time

Kids love to spend time with their parents You get to spend quality time bonding with your kids and at the same time, you are creating lifelong memories to cherish. While you are crafting together you get to talk about what you are making and discuss various ideas and subject matters.

Art and crafts let young children explore and express their emotions, share how they relate to their family and friends, talk about their difficulties, their future dreams and aspirations, even if they have not yet developed a full vocabulary to do so. It also develops courage and healthy self-esteem.


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