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Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni – CSK is not just a school. It is a legacy of education focused on creating a positive impact in school education in Andhra Pradesh since 1982. The School, since its inception, has mindfully transformed, adapting to various changing dynamics of education for children. 

Children who have graduated from the School have landed in various successful careers and ventures across the globe with flying colors. 

CSK School offers a unique combination of Technology and Indian Values with a progressive and inclusive learning framework. With a dedicated and ever-learning teaching faculty, a student community from across India's state-of-the-art school infrastructure and highly adaptive technology ecosystems, CSK – Chiguurpati Sri Krishnaveni is the best Talent School in Vijayawada and among the best of Andhra Pradesh.


To create an environment of excellence by imparting quality education and producing proficient professionals


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To be the most admired brand in the education sector, helping young aspirants to make their dreams come true through high-quality teaching enable systems and commitment



Education with Motivation For Career with Character


Why CSK?

Across the generations, parents trusted CSK School for their children. The School is credited for bringing the revolution into school education in Vijayawada and Andhra. 

  • CSK has implemented the CBSE & NCERT curriculum quite effectively for years. The School is proud of the highly trained CBSE and NCERT teacher league in Vijayawada.

  • The School is the most preferred learning destination for the children of Bihar, Manipur, Orissa, Jharkhand, etc.


  • ​CSK implements technology to enable learning. Perhaps they are among the few schools that have digitized classrooms and enabled a seamless learning experience during the COVID-19 phase.


Chairman's Message

Create a world of learning and growth path for our children which is built on values and morale, and with an outlook to opportunities and growth. That is our one single motto or purpose at CSK. That drives our way forward too. 

At CSK, it is child-at-focus approach since 1982, has kept us in a special position in the heart of the parent community.  Our core strength is our teaching community who are dedicated to the development of children, who finds happiness in the success of children. 

Welcome to CSK – where your children are nurtured with nuances of modern learning blended with traditional values.

Chief Principal's Message

Mr. Chandrashekhar heads the vision of CSK and steers the mission laid by Mr. Chigurupati Vara Prasad Gaaru as the Principal.


Chandrashekar Gaaru served the Nation for decades in the Air Force, in various positions. Post his service, he worked as an academic leader leading many academic institutions. 

As the Principal for CSK, Chandra Shekhar laid the edifice of modern perspective education with a framework that supports international curriculums. 

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“We are on the path to build a diverse learning community with every learning resource and technology accessible for children at CSK. Our learning journey is focussed to activating, igniting, inspiring children.”


Leadership Team

A diverse league of academicians, and operational experts who strengthened the spirit of  CSK for decades form the leadership team. Mrs. Madhavi supports the Chief Principal as the Principal – Junior School and Academics.

Mr. Satyanarayana heads the Boarding campus and operations. Mrs. Lakshmi heads the Parent Relations.

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