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Amigos is the first step towards nurturing the blooming Leaders of Society.

We, Indians always believe in the concept of activity-based learning but went lost in translation somewhere in the middle. 

​The Early years of learning play a pivotal role in forming the personality of the child into an individual.  The child deserves a happy learning experience that is an embodiment of space, people, elements, and above all a strong purpose.


A Happy Child Today is an inspiring Individual tomorrow. 


Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni for the last 40 years has been synonymous with value-based education in Vijayawada.

Amigos Primary School by Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni integrates the values into a much-needed involving learning atmosphere, where children turn into amigos (friends) of learning for a lifetime.


Friends of Learning

We believe in training our students in empowering a sustainable world.

Friends of Nature

We believe in inclusive education focused around social development and confidence building.

Friends of Community

Amigos is a learning community where learners from different backgrounds share knowledge.

Friends of Friends

In Amigos we work towards making learning as engaging and better as possible.

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