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Difference between CBSE and state syllabus

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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There is a vast difference when it comes to the comparison of SSC and CBSE. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus is uniform throughout the nation where as Secondary School Certificate (SSC) syllabus is state based. SSC schools use English or regional languages as modes of teaching and communication whereas CBSE schools focus on English and use it as their mode of teaching and communication. By this practice of English usage in CBSE schools, there are better employment opportunities for the students under this syllabus.

SSC is mainly focused on the exam and teach their students accordingly. SSC exams consist of expected questions which are taken from textbook. The questions in their exams are an exact replica of their textbook questions and no question would be asked besides the textbook questions, whereas CBSE focuses on a fun learning experience where the student learns the concept which would be of great use in the future. It is slightly tougher than SSC exams as there is no repetition of textbook questions and the main focus is on learning the concept. The student should be thorough with the concept and questions asked in the exam would be conceptual.

SSC syllabus is prescribed by the state board and is of merely no help in many competitive exams. CBSE syllabus is prescribed by NCERT which is of great help to crack many competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET etc. the mode of CBSE exam is conceptual and this could help the students gain grip on the subject which would help them to easily crack many competitive exams, unlike SSC syllabus where the main focus is on mugging up, where the student cannot attempt basic competitive questions without proper coaching.

Most of the SSC schools lack extracurricular activities which could result in adverse effects on students. CBSE schools provide students with extracurricular activities which help the students to develop all the crucial skills required for cracking interviews and even identifying their talents which could shape their future.

CBSE schools maintain discipline among their students along with which, he mental and physical aspects of a student are taken care of. On the whole, CBSE schools are much better when compared to SSC schools as they offer quality education with overall development of the student.


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