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Concentration attributes to the mental effort that kids direct toward whatever they are working on or learning at the moment. Concentration is like a muscle that requires attention and regular exercise to function effectively. Some kids are born blessed with super concentration power than others, but all kids can learn strategies and engage in practices that help improve their ability to focus and sustain their attention. Concentration is a very important skill for kids to acquire and assimilate. In the current scenario when the world is getting competitive, school demands that students concentrate for long periods, they have extracurricular activities after school that require even more concentration. Most children can concentrate on activities that are fun and intrinsically enjoyable. This ability to concentrate and sustain attention on all kinds of tasks is crucially important because it helps kids learn and improve, which leads to self-confidence and positive self-esteem.

Here are few tricks to assist kids to enhance their concentration muscles:

  • Set time for a child to practice focusing on a specific task. Young children can usually concentrate less time on books and challenging tasks, and more time on those intrinsically enjoyable activities.

  • Do one thing at a time. As multitasking reduces concentration and hampers performance. In line with the concept of mindfulness, do one thing at a time in this one moment. Don’t look ahead at all the other problems, just focus on one at a time.

  • Plan and execute breaks in between the task. Kids need to get up, move around, and do something different and not too taxing after spending some time concentrating. They will benefit from taking some time to rest and recharge, especially during after-school homework time.

  • Breathing exercise as a routine. Conscious and steady breathing leads our mind to better concentration. This is an important skill for kids to have when they’re confronted with challenging tasks. Finding ways to calming and relaxing the body is a significant strategy.

  • Practice observing things at the moment. Kids can be distracted by physical sensations or entertaining memories. While a child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, we also want them to be able to clear away distractions and build the ability to concentrate. practicing yoga plays a vital role in enhancing the concentration muscles.

  • Concentration involves the control of attention. The most essential fact about the power of concentration is that kids can gather all the attention to a particular object, thought or idea. Like any skill, concentration increases with practice. ... Practice is the ultimate solution.


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