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Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni Talent School carries forward the legacy of Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni CBSE Schools, which are instrumental in creating a new trend in education, not just in the United Andhra Pradesh but also in entire South India.

Since 1982, the school and many educational initiatives by Sri Chigurupati Vara Prasad Gaaru have voyaged a new direction toward career-enhancing education.

The Talent School of CSK, Poranki was established to create a platform for new-age education, soon to create access to international curriculums.


Established In 1982



SSC Students




Teaching Staff


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Pre-Primary Curriculum:

  • Interactive and Play-based Curriculum.

  • A transdisciplinary curriculum that is engaging, exciting, challenging, and relevant.

  • Focuses on the natural growth of the developing child, touching hearts and minds.

  • Curriculums we follow – CBSE and NCERT


Primary Curriculum:

  • Holistic Growth Focussed.

  • A perfect amalgamation of physical, creative, academic, artistic, and eco-responsible aspects that works to carve distinct individuals.

  • Skill-based and core stream enhancing.

  • Curriculums we follow - CBSE and NCERT.


Secondary Curriculum:

  • Career Focus Enhancing.

  • Stepping  Stone to World-class Universities.

  • A balanced approach to holistic development with equal priority to life skills.

  • Curriculums we follow - CBSE and NCERT.


Admissions are Open for the year 2024-25



Encouraging Excellence With Our Outstanding Facilities


2.5+ Acres



ICT Laboratories





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Class Rooms



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Science Laboratories


Play Ground


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Dr. N. Sankhya

MD Anesthesia

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Durga Pratap Moturi

- Student

Hi, I am Durga Pratap Moturi. I had pursued my schooling days in Sri Krishnaveni talent school until 2011. To be honest, I feel very proud to be a part of Vara Prasad sir student . The way he was handling school was unmatchable to imagine. Similarly, he fulfilled lot of students goals through his motivational speeches. He always acknowledge the students efforts and praise their achievement by appreciating and honouring awards. I feel satisfied in inspiring such a person to reach full potential, while driving my own success.

Conducted special classes and courses such as marthon programs and computer programs so on.

without your contribution i couldn’t come to Australia to fulfill my dreams . this is possible only because of vara prasad sir the way he motivated and encouraged to walk in a right path to reach my goals.

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Parent of Mohnish Sharma 
Grade I.

Respect Teachers,

Our son MOHNISH SHARMA, studied in Amigos (a primary school initiative by Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni) from PP1 to Grade I. Your patience and commitment to supporting our son MOHNISH SHARMA has mean a lot to our family.”

The values and foundation, the school has instilled in our son is priceless.

Thank you so much to some of the Pillars of School,  like academic co-ordinator, counselor, class teacher  and principal. Because of official transfer to another place, we are leaving Amigos. Our son and we will miss the Amigos school forever . I really recommend this school for the quality of teaching.

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J.Jagruthi sarojini Naidu, (Pursuing MBBS)

- Student

As a former student of Sri Chigurupati Krishnaveni School, I can wholeheartedly testify to the transformative educational experience it provided. From the moment I stepped into the school in the 5th grade until I graduated in the 10th, I was nurtured, challenged, and inspired to excel academically and personally.
The school's rigorous curriculum, coupled with dedicated teachers who went above and beyond to ensure our success, prepared me exceptionally well for the challenges ahead. The emphasis on holistic education, including extracurricular activities and character development, instilled in me the values of discipline, perseverance, and compassion.
I am forever grateful to Sri Chigurupati Krishnaveni School for shaping me into the person I am today and for laying the foundation for my future success in the medical field. I highly recommend this esteemed institution to any student seeking not only academic excellence but also personal development and support in realizing their aspirations.

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Vyshnavi Singalla

- Student

Hello everyone! 
I am Vyshnavi. Singalla and I have studied in Chigurupati Sri Krishnaveni School and   scored 95% in my X-board examinations 2022-23. I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to my school. I am thankful for the teachers for their immense hard work who made me score better marks. 
          I scored 461/470 in my Intermediate IPE examinations. This is possible not only because of my hard work but also my school. I know this may sound weird but it’s true. I always remember the motivational speeches given by Chairman sir and the teachers who always supported me a lot. I truly appreciate the effort that my school have made for us. I want to thank the teaching faculty who always gave their best. I always remember the valuable lessons that my school had taught me.
Now I think that my school memories are the best. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to make memories, with this school. The beautiful memories with school & teachers is something that money cannot buy.
Saying a simple thank you is certainly not enough. I will always remain grateful for everything that my school did for me. 
~Thank You.

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M.charan Teja

- Student

Iam M.Charan Teja just completed my 1st year of intermediate with a score of 464/470 (4th rank in the state of AP).Completing my schooling in CHIGURUPATI SRI KRISHNAVENI TALENT SCHOOL, poranki made me realise my potential.The cornerstones of each academic success are self-discipline, time management and motivation which were always been delivered to us by our beloved Chairman sri chigurupati varaprasad sir through his extremely motivational speeches that were conducted once in a while.With every reward a student gets he/she becomes more self-confident and also motivated to achieve another successful reward as it happened in my case.Iam always grateful to a part of this beautiful journey. we were always taught to have faith in God and ourselves.Thanking you all my teachers.
Proud to be CSKian

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Sheema husna

- Student

I am  sheema Husna studying Sr.Intermidiate. I studied in Chigurupati sri krishnaveni Talent school CBSE school Poranki.

I really admire my school as it gave me a significant  foundation in schooling.

Thanks a lot to my teachers I achieved 462/470 in my inter 1st yr  board examinations. 100% in Math A,Math B Physics and chemistry. I was literally astonished by experiencing the results .
CSK Management are really great at explaining the subjects and counselling us towards the correct direction. I learned my basics in school.Learning basics is very important in maths and my school did a really amazing job in teaching me that by conducting various classes like resource teaching ,vedic maths and extra class like maths tutorial for basics and more practice.
Thank you Principal madam and teachers  for inspiring me. I was able to score best marks and will continue to score like this! 
Proud to be a CSK'n...



Are you a Proud Alumni of Chigurupati?

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Chigurpati Sri Krishnaveni Schools are proud of our 1 Lakh Plus Alumni who are blooming and inspiring thousands across the world in high ranks and flying colors.  We are in the process of setting a celebrated Global Alumni Network that will connect everyone with the spirit of Sri Chigurupati Vara Prasad.

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